About Us


Fly Studio is an award-winning Mix Media Development House that offers fully integrated and versatile services to clients in Museum Content, Film, Television, Advertising, Multimedia, Visualization and Architecture.

Over the last twenty years, the four partners at Fly Studio — all artists with backgrounds in traditional animation, 3D animation, fine arts, and motion design — have shown themselves to be steadfastly committed to creating high quality content. Initially producing branding, commercials, website animations, and other media content for major broadcasters and advertising agencies, the studio now contributes to high profile museum, films and television series, to important multimedia installations, and to popular live performances.

Fly Studio is a Mix Media Development House where all content production is handled internally, which means that our artists can effectively collaborate throughout the process in order to execute and improve upon any concept. From ideation to delivery, Fly Studio has proven its capacity to both lead a project and collaborate with other creators and collaborators. Having worked on a wide variety of projects in various formats, the studio’s accomplished multidisciplinary artists can bring any creative vision to life, and provide a flexible and ingenious solution to any creative direction.

At Fly Studio, we pride ourselves on the long term relationships that we have established with creators and clients — relationships based on trust and open communication. Our goal is not only to produce beautifully creative content, but to produce content that serves a purpose and respects the specific ambitions and objectives of each project.

Jean-François Talbot

President-Executive Producer

Charles Bertrand

Creative Director

Jean-Pierre Boies

VFX Supervisor

Gervais Deschênes

Artistic Director


Fly Studio’s four managing partners are backed by a multidisciplinary team of over 30 talented people—all in the same creative hive.

Our local and international clients enjoy a complete range of turnkey production solutions under a single roof: compositing, 2D and 3D design, motion design for TV stations, traditional animation, coloring, video projections and advertising.